Healthcare Everything 

How do you start a blog? I’m sure there are multiple blog posts on this very subject. Blogs authored by full-time bloggers who have generated enough followers to afford their lifestyles entirely on independent contractor income. Likely, these authors are making enough to afford a comfortable living, but not quite enough to afford health insurance. Some, I presume, are buying private insurance on the open market, but those can be quite expensive and premiums rise wildly from year to year. Some are daring (or stupid) enough to go without health insurance. And some, the lucky, are dependents on someone else’s health insurance plan, either a spouse or a parent. 

What I’m getting at is, if you want to be a full-time blogger, at some point, you’ll have to get married. That’s right, blogging (and all contract work for that matter) is exclusively for the wed. And, it’s because of healthcare. 

This is what this blog is about: The healthcare of everything. 

I am based in the U.S., where 60 cents of every tax dollar is spent on healthcare. But in every cultural and national context, health care makes up a large proportion of the gross domestic product. Health care matters because … well … because you matter. 

What continues to surprise me, as an expert in the field, however, is just how much it matters and how many of the decisions we make on a daily basis can be explained by health care considerations. 

This blog will dissect popular stories with this lense and explore the degree to which health care influences everything.